Cigar Room

Wiring Completed!

Completed the wiring and stapling up the wire on the 2×4’s last night. Not real staples, the ones you’re supposed to use with wires to hold them in place.

Had to do it twice regretfully, but it is done. Twice because I did not wire up the outlets correctly. Apparently I can’t read spanish.

Who knew?

I saw the word white and pointing down and the word that started with “Bl” and was hard to read and assumed it was the word Black. It wasn’t. It was the word “Blanco” which also means white.

So instead of putting the black onto the hot side, I put them in the wrong spot.

Thankfully realized this before I tied everything in and went back to fix. The second circuit went a lot quicker and easier once I had this information.

I tied everything in, flipped the breaker, and tested with a light on each outlet (only 3 per) and worked wonderfully! I can now check the electrical off of my list.

Tonight I’m grabbing the insulation and plastic to wrap up the exterior of the room to keep it warmer and retain the heat and smoke better. Tomorrow I plan on installing the last wall and floor. Sunday trim.

Then a thorough cleaning and add in the furniture!

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