Winni Weekend

What a weekend!  Started up by Scuba diving on Friday.  Saturday took the Mrs and I on an almost 7 mile hike up two mountains, so it was time to take it easy on Sunday and just float in the water!

We started the day by heading down to Sleeper island to see the Sleeper Island Castle.  The Castle has a few different names due to the people that built it or lived in it over the years (been there for 100 years) but most locals tend to call it “Sleeper’s Castle” now.

The problem down there, I quickly found out, was that across the channel between Sleepers Island and shore, is that there is a small cove / sand bar that is highly favored among the types of boaters that are ok just hanging out in a huge crowd.  We’re talking 50 boats there by 9 in the morning… Easily!

Heck, on my way there I was surrounded by boats trying to race me into the channel, everyone jockeying for the best spot to park their boat.  I just wanted to see the castle.  Quickly got out of there and headed for open water!

Far less of a crowd!

We headed over to Breezy Island instead of Timber and decided it would be a fine place to just hang out for a couple of hours. 

Funny, as we were there a few more boats decided they liked the idea and headed near the shallows and tossed out anchor also.  Might need to remember this spot for next time!

Of course on the way home we grabbed some ice cream!!  Great way to end the weekend!

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