Why Are We Still Using Realtors?

I’ve got a bone to pick.

This has been bugging me for quite some time now.  Exactly why are we still using realtors?  I have found almost no use for them.  Now I bet there are some great people out there…  but I have yet to find one.

In today’s age of online searching, photos, heck videos, exact locations, etc.  All a realtor is now is the person with the key to get inside.

When we purchased our lake house a few years back, I had such high hopes for a realtor.  I couldn’t wait to get one.   Sure I looked all over zillow and realtor.com, but a realtor would know all the inside information and gossip on what was coming up to market, who was interesting in potentially selling and whatnot.  I couldn’t wait to have a realtor and tap into that hidden resource.  Alas, no.  All our realtor did was send us sheets of “new houses” on the market from their database – houses I had already seen listed on zillow.

Gee, thanks.

So this is it?  This is why you’re receiving a % of the purchase price?  To give me access to information I can already get?  Then we would get listings to sh*t houses – go look at them – I would call it out for what it was and I’d get told otherwise by the realtor.  Oh no, that roof is fine.  Oh no, that floor looks level to me (as the ball rolls from one end to the other without a push).  I was very disappointed with my realtor experience.

The house we ended up buying was a house we found on our own in a neighborhood she said she didn’t know even existed.  We love our place.  We’ve put a bit of money into it to make it our own, but now it’s ours and I don’t see selling it any time soon.

Back to the issue at hand.  It’s now time to find a new realtor – or at least just call the sellers agent.  While I would love to have a buyers agent that knows what I’m looking for and keeps an eye out for me, but I have my doubts.

For right now, everyone is just a name.  Might as well throw a dart at the wall and call whomever it hits.

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