Whiteface Mountain

This post is actually going to be a two part series. The smallest mountain in the Belknap range we didn’t make it to the top on our first attempt.

A severe storm (high winds and lightning) was coming down upon us and we were trying to make it up and back before the storm hit. We reached the trail split for Piper and Whiteface and decided that the winds were picking up too fast and the radar looked like we were not going to make it and made the decision to turn around there.

Whiteface Mountain’s peak is only 1,664 feet and is the smallest of the peaks in the Belknap Range.

The trail head is just down a dirt road and found on the left. The trail head is actually between two houses, with one of the houses being the last on a dead end road.

Park on the pavement, there is a half-circle area just before the pavement ends that looks to be used for turning around. This is the only place to park. Going down the dirt road another 500 feet will bring you to the start of a service road and where some of the maps point to, but this is not correct, and the owners of the last house have put up a lot of “no parking” signs in their yard.

Once parked, hike up the dirt road towards the last house and you will see the trail head sign on the left. Roughly 1000 feet in there is a trail board with what should be maps and other items to help you along the way. These were empty when we were there and looks to be very unmaintained.

The trial is nice and easy to follow

Easy but steep trail

Because of the storm, we only made it ~ 1 mile in and turned around and actually jogged back down the trail. Stay tuned for try #2. We will be re-attempting this hike this week.

The rest of the hikes can be found on the Belknap Range Hiking Page.

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