Maple Syrup Production

What the sap! Day 6 – Sap Collection

So apparently the Maple Gods turned on the sap tap.  I now have 35 buckets and probably brought in 40 to 45 gallons of sap!


That’s far too much sap for me to process at in my current situation.  I believe I was thinking about boiling nightly when I did my calculations and didn’t realize how much effort that was going to be.  I did.  I just forgot.  Like a woman having her second child somehow forgetting how painful the first one was…


So here I am trying to figure out how to handle this.  Time to tweak the RO machine and aim for that 3:1 mixture.


I replaced the 5 micron filter and immediately noticed that the hose shook less.  Making mental note.  Shaking of the hose = time to change the filter.

I brought in a bigger barrel for the water so I could just let it run.  It’s going to need to run for ~ 8 hours I figure.  Will set my alarm tonight for early morning and shut it down or check on the progress.


Initial sap reading:  2.5%

RO concentrate reading:  7%


Close enough to that 3:1 number that I’m not going to complain.  At 7% sap, I should end up with 12.25 gallons of concentrate for 1 gallon of syrup.


Boiling tomorrow

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