What did I just get myself into?

The Mrs and I have been doing our best to get into shape as of late, and doing well I must add! The question was: How do we keep this motivation going?

Well, we of course love Bermuda, and have been there a few times. The last two, we coincided our travels with a road race.

We have always heard about the Bermuda Triangle Challenge that happens in mid January. Three races in three days.

Friday is the Mile Run held on Main Street

Saturday is the 10K

Sunday is your choice of the Half-Marathon or Full Marathon.

The person with the three combined lowest times is how the overall scoring works.

Here is the thing. I’m not a runner. I just have never truly had the body type to run long distances. Doesn’t mean I can’t, just means my body isn’t made for doing it. I have more of the fast twitch muscle fibers for speed and power.

I figure right now I could run 3 miles if I had to at a reasonable speed, but that’s it. I’m completely untrained.

So here is the plan:

Step 1: Lose more weight

  • This is still on going and hope to be where I roughly want to be in two months.

Step 2: Strength Training

  • I started the program this past Monday. Yeah yeah, only a week into it, but it’s going.

Step 3: Start a Half-Marathon Training Program

  • Mostly because what I want out of my health and body doesn’t align with a full marathon, I’ll be sticking with the Half

When is this Bermuda Challenge?

January 15, 16, and 17th.

I found a nice 20 week training plan here: https://www.halfmarathons.net/20-week-half-marathon-training-schedule/

I like the simplicity of it. But this means I would have to start sometime in August at the latest. Very doable.

So that’s it in a nut shell. I’m going to start running. Fuck.

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