Using the CDL Reverse Osmosis

This is just a quick run down and video on how to use the CDL Reverse Osmosis and how I used it as a hobbyist.

Since I don’t filter my sap when I pour it into my containers (speeds up the process, especially if you have bits of frozen sap), I added an extra filter bag to my intake line.

Extra filter on intake line – maple pre-filter
Sap and sap concentrate

What I then do is add that line to my sap container and put my concentrate line back into the same sap container. This will allow me the time to build it up to the % concentrate that I wish for my sap to be – I aim for a little over 7% and then put the line into the concentrate tank.

Left to right (Permeate, Concentrate, Sap tank)

Here is a video run down of the process:

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