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Updating the Horse Shoe Pits

Summer is almost upon us, and while it doesn’t feel like it where I love – cold, damp, rainy, the forever spring it seems – the calendar is telling me otherwise and the sun is staying out longer.

As soon as the weather cooperates it will be time to get the guys together for some drinks and a fire.

I started with the pits I put in last year. Added some play sand on top and lined the side with some old bricks for a classy look. While these don’t have the nice cement runways on the side, I don’t feel we need them for how we are going to be playing. Only time will tell. Something I can always add in next year if this takes off.

Horse shoe pit

Yes, I tampered it down by walking on it. Was just too lazy to get the tamper I had in my garage.

The wood block is the front. Nothing in the back because I expect us to do a lot of missing and tossing all over the place at first.

Going to get some weed and feed down and put some proper grass seed in between the pits also.

I then picked up a temporary fire pit.

Fire Pit ready for late night horse shoes

I would like to put in a permanent fire pit one day, but for now I’m unsure on the placement. I’ve already moved the pit since this picture so I’m glad I picked this one up.

Would like to get some chairs to stay there and work on the design / landscaping of the area.

Now if we can just have some good weather, we can finally try this out!

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