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Updated the Video Page

There are actually videos on the video page right now… Imagine that!

Click the link on the top bar or head over to:

and you’ll currently see a bunch of videos of my iceboating adventures. Iceboating is a huge passion of mine, which is currently not being met this year as of yet. Lots of snow and a busy schedule have made it difficult. I also sold one of my extra boats last year and sold my custom shrouds with it (I’m too nice), so I’m going to need to scramble soon here and set up a new mast. I had another one that’s been out on loan for a few years now. I know where it is, but oh well. I have two more in my garage right now, but one is wood and the other is aluminum. Going to need to bring in the aluminum mast, let it warm up, and I need to make sure it’s ready to use.

Sorry for the tangent. Anyhow, the videos are there!

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