Maple Syrup Production

Trees are Tapped!

The 2022 Maple Syrup Season as begun! You can follow along with my Yearly Production Page and log. Been keeping that page going since 2018.

With snow still on the ground, the days are getting into the high 30’s and the nights below freezing. We will have a good cold snap coming this weekend and I was going to hold off until after the cold snap (below 20 for a few days, even during the day) but decided to throw caution to the wind and collect some sap. Good choice! As soon as I tapped the trees, the sap was flowing. Going to be a great collection the next day by the looks.

Running right away.

As I drilled the holes, I would add the taps and buckets right away. I would go back later after all the buckets were hung to add the covers/lids.

My Gear

Once again, just 50 taps. The concept is to collect as much sap as I can and make as much syrup as I can with only 50 taps. To become more efficient every year using the same taps. Learning which trees produce better, when to tap, how to tap, etc.

To look at it from an analytical point of view and to learn how to better my production. Anyone can easily just add more taps to make more syrup, but you didn’t learn how to use what you have.

Here is to hoping that we have a good season this year. I don’t have much syrup left from last year. I use it in my coffee as my sugar (both my wife and I) so we go through quite a bit, and of course we give a lot away also.

Sap Traps are set in 2022

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