Took a Wrong Turn – Ran a 5k

A beautiful but windy day outside led me to lace up my running shoes and try out another trail run just as I did the other day. Call it impulsive, but the shoes went on, the Fenix watch, and the new addition of a heart rate monitor on my chest.

After a slight walk warm up, I quickly shot my heart rate up to 160 as I climbed the slippery leaf covered hills. The wind was blowing like crazy, but I was well protected in the woods.

I decided to take a left in the woods on a trail I don’t usually go on. Figured I would try and stay off the road for as long as I could. As the trail came out my instinct said to go right but a quick glance to the left saw the trail tags so I shrugged, assumed I was wrong being a trail I’m not usually on, and continued on.

After crossing a foot bridge and then another I had never seen before I knew I zigged instead of zagged and my gut feeling was right. No bother, I wasn’t lost… I just didn’t know where I was. So I continued on jogging and enjoying the scenery.

I eventually came back out to a place I knew and the trail ended. I was only 500 feet to the trail I was on earlier making it a loop and headed back. I would love to spend more time searching to see if the trail was supposed to do that, or if it continued on somewhere else.

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