This Seasons Changes and Updates

The sap season is going strong. Had a few windy days that knocked over my tent to the point where this will be the last year it gets used. I have it patched up enough to get through the season, but there will be no folding it back to where it fits in a box. Oh well.

Pop up tent – before the storm

I believe I lost 3 or 4 buckets during the same wind storm. Replaced the buckets, rehung all the ones that I could find, and had to put the taps back into the trees as most came off with the lid.

For some good news I collected 50 gallons of sap the next day.

I’m also trying to actually keep up with the log this year. I think I got in a few reading last year and forgot to keep up. So far so good this year. Need to keep at it daily and will from here on out.

The new reverse osmosis machine is working well. I’ll write a detailed report on that also as the CDL Reverse Osmosis has a few tricks one should know before hand.

As for the burner, I purchased a 3 burner stove and guarded it up to help retain the heat.

I have’t had the chance to bottle yet and would assume I have roughly 2 gallons of syrup to bottle sitting in my finisher. I would have done that tonight, but the winds were once again too high and didn’t want the tent collapsing on me while I was inside tonight.

So another night.

I also have 40 gallons of sap to run through the RO machine, but due to the freezing temperatures, might hold off. Might. Will see.

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