The Pitfalls of Trying to Maximize My Returns

I am currently stuck. I sit around nightly vexing over all the different ways I can invest, their returns, risk and my trying to to maximize the % return and weighing all the different options.

Real estate? Should I go for single family, duplex, in-town, out of state? Maybe owning a vacation rental? Just keep it in the market? FXAIX is my favorite fund right now. Fidelity SP500 Fund.

If I just look at the returns alone I would be better off in that, but then again I would like to diversify so I don’t have all my eggs in one basket – as the old saying goes.

I have what is lovingly called: Analysis Paralysis.

I sit, calculate over and over and in the end never do anything. I would be far better off just doing something, even if it is not the most efficient.

So right now the question is: Diversify into Rental Real Estate, or to stay in the stock market?

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