The Bees are in their New Home!

The adoption went through and I’m the proud father of roughly 3000 new girls and a few boys in there for good measure.

I donned my bee suit, grabbed the package of bees from the post office and gently (meaning dumped) placed them into their new home.



I added the queen cage

Removed the cork on the candy side and placed her between two frames.

Closed them up… Added the sugar water, placed the entrance reducer, and they’re good to go!

I was a little slow getting this update online, but it’s been a few days and it’s time for me to open up the hive and remove the empty queen cage.  Need to just see what’s going on and I also need to add some vaseline to the IPM board underneath.  What that does is:  It catches any mites that will naturally fall off.  The Vaseline makes sure they don’t just climb back up to the bees.  I can remove the board and count the mites.  If they’re high in count, I can then treat the bees for the mites.

They’re going to need some more sugar water tonight I’m sure.


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