The 2021 Back Yard Curling Season has Begun

Last Sunday was the opening day to our neighborhood curling season. Coffee and mimosas were served in a very gentlemanly fashion, teams were chosen, and stones were thrown on the ice.

Into the house

We started this year with confidence as we cancelled out scores as per the rules. In past games we just added them all up so we could eventually go home. Blame the ice, blame the cold, or blame the booze… Your pick.

Inspecting the circle
Going for the knockout

The ice was a little rough as we have had some interesting weather lately, but care was taken to smooth it over as much as possible with a propane fired torch.

We also found the muscle memory was on this year and despite not throwing a stone in a year, we were hitting the target as if we did this the weekend prior.

First throw
Coffee for Gentleman
A Warming Fire

The weather cooperated and it was a perfect time to get outside and enjoy some company, swap stories, and share some laughs.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. It really doesn’t matter what you do, just as long as you are enjoying.

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