Taking Back My Fitness

Somewhere in the second half of last year, I fell off the fitness wagon, and gained back most of the weight I lost two year back. I’ve thought about eating better, always had good excuses as to why I wasn’t, but for the past two weeks I’ve thrown all the excuses out, I’m tracking my calories through the “MyPlate” app, and doing my weight lifting program.

I’ve been sticking to it semi strictly last week, and full on strict this week. Very low carbs. I find that’s just what works for me.

To break it down so far this week:


Coffee and Cream

Two egg bites

Total calories: 323


Unsalted Butter (for the pan)

Two Duck Eggs with 3 Sausage Links (I know, a lot of breakfast stuff, but so far, I’m fine with it all)

Spindrift soda or another coffee black

Total Calories: 542

WORKOUT – Lifting Program – Walking the Dog


Protien Shake – 2 Scoops

or Chicken and Roasted Broccoli

Calories: 260


Truffle Salami Nuggets or Beef Jerky

Calories: 264

I’m being a little TOO strict right now and will add in a mid-day double protein shake to get more protein into my system, so an additional 260 calories will be added next week.

Already down 2 lbs this week and would love to loose 1% bodyweight a week. Completely do-able as long as you have a strict diet. This time of year is always best, not because of any new years bs, but due to the fact there are no real holidays coming up where big feasts will be expected.

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