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Ordered a pre-paid sim card from Mint Mobile and going to pop that into one of my new phones. Being delivered today. Should be interesting. The privacy experiment is moving forward! I'm so into this right now I have people near and around me thinking that one day I'm just not going to show up to work and they'll never hear from me or see me again. Funny thing is... That's tempting. Not going to happen, but very tempting.

I'm an Apple fan to start. My first computer was an Apple and that Mac Classic still holds fond memories for me. Went to college using my Mac Performa with a 2400 baud modem. The entire family owns apple phones, watches, ipads, and even use mac air laptops. So deviating from this being a huge change is an understatement. Prior to my apple phone I was a Blackberry fan, so I can be flexible. I'll give this a year and see how it goes. What I Did I just ordered my Pixel 4 off of ebay with the GrapheneOS installed. I will run that with Mint Mobile - get a new phone number and hand that out to only my…