Surgery Scheduled for the 1st, Retirement on the 9th

Going to have knee surgery on the 1st to get my meniscus tear in my right knee fixed finally. Recovered from Covid, so I’m better there finally – still the remnants but not much – and lastly I’m putting in my last day at work on the 9th.

I’m going to use the summer to do some needed work around the houses, really work to get into better shape and condition physically (especially after getting sick and not being able to hike or walk due to my knee, so I’m just ready!) and then spend some time figuring out what might just be next for me. Due to some impending travel and temporary (roughly a year) relocating to a new place it makes holding anything down a bit difficult so this is the best move I have right now.

I’m oddly looking forward to it. I’m a little nervous about waking up and having nothing to do, but I know that won’t be the case. I have a ton to do!!!

I’ve taken the time to make a good list of all my to-do’s. Staying busy will not be the problem. Getting it all done in time will be the real issue.

Here’s to next steps!

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