Sunrise Over Virginia

Left the southern command early to head to home back north. Was able to capture a some pre-dawn shots

Leaving the House – Moon and Venus

Knew it was going to be a good day for photos when this was the first thing you saw.

Going over the Bay Bridge

As we went over the bay bridge the east was gold with the pre-dawn sunlight trying to make its way over the horizon while the Moon and Venus could still be seen in the distance, not yet drowned out by the sun.

Sun Peeking Out Over the Horizon

The last one is where I had to pull off the road to take. The sun was just peeking up over the horizon and a wisp of fog was hovering over a farmer’s field of what looked like Virginia peanuts.

This was followed with an 11 hour drive or more as we eventually hit New York traffic and made quite a few stops to accommodate Carl (our dog). Also took quite a few shots on film but will need to process that first before I can scan and post those. Soon!

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