Strictly No Junk Emails

Now that I have changed all my emails – Made a post here about that, I’m now seeing a plethora of junk emails filling up my inbox.

What is a Plethora?

Granted, most are emails I actually did sign up for and they are related to products I once purchased, but noticed I’m getting promotions and sale items weekly or even more showing up and clogging up my inbox. Enough!!

I’m unsubscribing from everything. Even from the products I like. Why so? I figure that if I liked their product so much, I’ll still go back and buy from them. It will also force me to buy from them only when I need it and not buy when I’m going to save $5 or something and buy when I really don’t need/want it.

Too many times I’ve bought just because it was a “good deal” that I couldn’t pass up, to then have it just sit and rot on the shelf or never get used. Marketing works and not in your favor. If it didn’t work they wouldn’t be wasting their time on it.

My end goal is to have no emails showing up in my gmail for a month or two. Make sure all marketing emails are gone and that I’ve successfully moved everything over to my new email. Then I would like to delete the gmail account completely, or maybe hold onto it, and create an auto-reply that says something on the lines that this account is not valid and the email has gone unread.

Hmmm… Might be onto something there.

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