Stacking Wood

I picked up a new wood shed a little late in the year, as it took a full month to get it even after ordering. The wait was worth it.

6 x 10 and holds roughly 3 cords.

Whomever invented this deserves the Nobel peace prize.

What would have taken me all day, was shortened into three quick hours.

I love heating our house with wood. It surprisingly heats our home quite well as it is well insulated and the double staircases let the heat go up one and push the cold air from the upstairs down to be warmed up and recirculated. Brilliant, even if by accident.

Always look for ways to save money. Wood is inexpensive but laborious and can be messy. Nevermind the errant sliver or burned hand now and then.

Another way is to create a neighborhood oil or propane group. We have one that was put together by the neighbors working as a group to get a group rate.

The street price as I write this I around $2.60 a gallon.

Our group rate has us locked in at $1.61

That’s a huge savings!

Because of the low low current price we negotiated, this year my wood will only supplement my propane.

So get some neighbors together and negotiate! It will be well worth your time and effort!

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