Skiing Ragged Mountain

The skiing season is quickly coming to a close.  Most of the lower mountain resorts shut their doors this prior weekend.  One of our local favorites for a small mountain – Crotched Mountain – is closed.  While snow is still on the trails, they just don’t have the people or possibly insurance to cover staying open.  That and of course you need the skiers to show up to make it worth while to stay open.  Eventually a resort will have negative returns if not enough people are there.  My daughter and I spend the day mid-week last week at Crotched.  We pretty much had the lift and one of the trails to ourselves.  Which made for some classic goofing off scenarios.

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We decided we would travel to Ragged Mountain to ski on Friday.  It was Cat’s (the wife) birthday and she wanted to do something family related.  So we spent the night up at the lake, got up, had a leisurely morning going out to breakfast and then headed over to Ragged.  The last time I was there was probably 20 years ago.

Overall had a great time.  The snow was spring snow, so it was slow going on the flatter trails, but the nice weather and lack of coats by the end of the day made up for it for sure!

Love the view!


There was also a side of the mountain I believe called the barnyard.  A great section for those just learning but want to get off the kid/bunny slope.  There was an actual barn you could ski through…


Skiing right into April.  Lots of fun!

I see Wildcat has plans to be open all this month and I hope to make it up there once for some late season skiing.  Mount Washington is just across the street and that will be tempting also.  We shall see what the spring brings.

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