Selling on eBay woes

I don’t know how I pissed him off, but somehow the eBay God is angry with me.

I imagine the eBay God resembles a person that was tarred, but instead of feathered, ran around a second hand store and came out covered in what ever was lying around.

Atari games and all…

So I put on this nice RC car that I built with all kinds of goodies with it.  Sell it for 1/2 its value.  It’s a steal.  Sold in 10 minutes.  Do I get paid?  Nope.

Guy asks if I can wait until next week until he gets paid so he can pay for it.  Listen, if you can’t afford it now, you can’t buy it.  You shouldn’t be buying it.  I wanted to give him his money back and give him a life lesson on money and not spending it on things you don’t need…. Even if it IS a good deal!

I should be getting paid for that tomorrow.

The next item and only other item I sold (two items in total for those counting) was a super to a bee hive.  It was one of the newer high-tech ones that the honey flows out of, etc.

Sold that one cheap also with a buy-it-now.  Person offered me a little less, I’m just trying to declutter and don’t need the money but if I can get a few bucks, then why not.  

I accepted the offer.  No payment.  

Sent an invoice.  No payment.

So far no money and I still have the clutter.  If they were worth less, I would be throwing this stuff out instead or giving it away.  

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