Scuba Diving

I’ve been itching to get back into scuba diving.  When I was a teenager, scuba diving was my life.  Logged 100’s of hours and received my divemaster certification by the time I was 18.  I really haven’t been since.  College, then met wife in college… She doesn’t scuba dive – and it’s too bad.  I don’t have anyone to go diving with anymore so it’s really held me back from enjoying or even going to exotic places to enjoy the sport.  It’s odd to have something you used to dedicate so much time, effort and love into to just have it put aside.

Figured if I didn’t have anyone to go with, I would go out and find them.  The large lake in our state – Lake Winnipesaukee – has a couple (probably more) of dive operations.  There is one somewhat on the other side of the lake from my place that goes out Fridays and Saturdays.  I’d be in for a Friday dive.  Jump out of work early, head up north with my gear (which is another subject in the next paragraph), and go for an evening dive.  I think I would really enjoy that.

Now all that being said:  I’m in need of new gear.  I’ve found a few mid-range packages online that will suit my needs just fine.

Nice setup, main reg, BCD looks good, the dive computer and psi readout.  I like it.  The lake is colder so I’ll need to wear one of my wetsuits, so that means I’ll need a belt and some weights.  I’ll also need a mask and fins.  I should probably see about getting my dive card updated and a refresher course.  I don’t feel like I’m forgetting anything and can probably even do a dive table if one was thrown in front of me, but it has been a while so I’ll need to look into it.

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