Romeo Y Julieta Reserve Maduro

I have a habit of purchasing cigars and letting them sit and mellow in my large humidor for a year. Something about letting a cigar sit for a while tends to bring out the best in it. I have nothing but anecdotal evidence to back that up though. I buy some cigars, try them… They are just OK. Let them sit in the humidor for a while and then have them again. Then soon become excellent.

So this has just become my typical habit. I usually have a good year or two’s worth of cigars stocked up.

I write all this just to preface that these cigars mellowed for a year before having them and now I can’t put them down. The box is almost gone and I do not have backups!!

Maduro is my favorite

Easy draw along with a smooth texture and taste make this an extremely enjoyable smoke.

You know how there are many cigars where you need to have a drink with it and you are constantly sipping due to excess cigar after taste? Yeah, not here. I paired this with my whiskey sour drink. Check out the recipe and make it. Well worth your trouble, trust me! Anyhow, I rarely picked up my drink. By the end of the cigar I had well over half my drink left.

It also held its flavor far longer than most. Many cigars can become hot and downright poor tasting sometime within the second half of the cigar. Smoked this one well past the band. Enjoyable all the way.

I put this cigar in my must recommend category. Don’t hesitate to try this.

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