Relaxing with Vintage Music

After building my Cigar Room, I was looking for some additional decor we could keep in the room to complete it aesthetically. One of the items was a vintage radio. Not just any Vintage Radio, but one that was old, but had been modernized. In steps Old Man’s Workshop, on etsy. He takes old radios, removes the guts, and adds in a bluetooth electronic board. The radio then plugs into the wall and is always on, and always ready for a blue tooth connection.

I get into the cigar room, connect to the radio, and turn on some classics.

Admiral Radio

I mean, just look at that radio! One of the knobs is volume and still works, the other does nothing since the guts are gone, there is no dial for tuning. So what do you listen to on an old radio?

Old tunes of course! My favorite is Big Band Music from the 30’s and 40’s. You can find some of the best big band music streaming at Swing City Radio:

They have a patreon and well worth supporting.

Another mix of old and new is: Artic Outpost Radio –

This is my way of sitting back, relaxing, and taking myself back to a different time. My wife always mentions that it is like stepping back in time when she enters the room filled with cigar smoke and swing music.

Try it where ever you are. You don’t need a cigar room, but instead just a space where you can relax and let all the bygones (the past) be forgotten and just live in the moment.

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