Red Sky At Morning

I remember my Grandfather teaching me a saying: Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky at morning, sailors take warning!

We used to spend many weeks durning the summer with my grandparents. Probably a great excuse to get us kids out of the house. We never saw it that way, we just enjoyed our time up at the lake. There was this camp my grandfather would caretake for an older lady in his neighborhood. She never went, so it was more-or-less our camp.

Bought a new fridge, stove, painted the camp, re-shingled it, etc, etc. In return, we spent as much time there was we wished.

And not just any camp, this was a camp on its own island. So many possibilities for swimming, fishing, and hide and seek.

It was there he taught me this saying… Probably as the sun was setting and the sky was glistening in orange and red. To punctuate the moment, there was always this one person who, at the same time every night, would play “taps” on a trumpet. My grandfather being a WWII B-17 Pilot was always keen on this and made us all listen for it. I want to say at 9:00 every night? I can’t fully recall the time though.

It’s amazing how a little saying can bring back so many memories.

Well this morning we have a bright red sky, and today brings the potential for one of the biggest blizzards we have ever seen in my area, at least in a long time.

Sun rising in the East

Maybe there is something to that saying after all.

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