Ran My First 5K in Years

I haven’t run in years. At least not at any officially sanctioned event. I’ll jog on the trails with my dog and it is quite enjoyable, but I haven’t stepped foot on a road course in a long time.

So I told the wife I’ll run with her at the next event. I’ll take the dog since he likes coming with me and we can give it a try again. Of course she was giddy since I used to do it all the time 15 years ago, so it reminded her of the old days when I would tag along.

Did I mention it was single digits outside? We also ran on ice covered roads? Yeah…. But Carl (my dog) and I did it.

Carl at the starting line

This took place this past weekend. It has taken three days for me to properly walk up and down stairs. I truly did not believe I was this out of shape, but apparently I am! Guess I’m glad I got out there.

Cat took second place by .2 seconds. Since it was a time trial start you had no concept as how someone else was doing against you. A good reminder as to always give it your all I suppose. Still she walked away with a trophy.

As for Carl and I, it was an interesting run. I had to stop about half a mile into the run and wait a minute as we let people by. It was around then he realized people were behind us and wanted to check them out. He’s a very friendly dog and just wants to greet everyone. So this meant my non-running legs were also trying to pull to dog with me. Then the stroller and the crying baby was impossible to ignore. Then we had to say hello to the people at the turn around. Of course there were plenty of things to sniff along the way. So needless to say, we didn’t exactly throw out our best time. Maybe a 38 minute course? I forget now, but something like that. I was hoping to do it in 36 with him, but we can aim for that next race.

Almost forgot, we also received blankets and wrapped up Carl in his for the trophy wait and the ride home. He was quite happy with it.

Heading Home

The next event is on February 6th, followed by another after that. We were told there might even be medals for the dogs that participate. So here is to hoping Carl gets one! I know I’ll never be quick enough to get one for myself and trust me, I’m ok with that.

So here is to hoping that I improve my time with the dog next week!

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