Podcasting – the new infomercial – and I love it

I had a few people ask where I heard about the Nutrisense Glucose Monitor and app that I’ve been writing about lately. Honestly, it was on the Brad Kearns podcast I was listening to one day and this company was on as a guest. Basically a simple type of advertisement where the company spoke about their product, the benefits, and well, I was sold.

After buying the product, I sat there and thought of all the other products I had been introduced to through listening to my favorite podcasts.

Talk about perfect targeted advertising!

Here I am listening to a podcast about things I enjoy, the host is speaking with a relevant companies’ CEO, and I enjoy it enough to support their products. You would think that someone who is as anti-advertising as I am would be upset at this, but instead I find myself loving everything about it.

Just as I don’t advertise here or even have affiliate links, I live what I preach. I just dislike advertising. I don’t want to see it. I’m visiting a site for a particular person or reason.

Podcasting happens to be different. I’m going to listen to it because I’m interested in the content. Think of it as a late night infomercial you voluntarily watch. Not the same thing, but you get the idea. I can choose to listen to the podcast or not. I can skip it if I don’t like the content. Now this doesn’t include the standard promoting of their products at the beginning or midway, but I can skip those…. and do!

If you’re new to listening to podcasts, I recommend the Stitcher app. It is simple and easy to use. I never got the hang of the apple podcast app, and it always filled up my phone with podcasts that took up way too much room. Maybe it is different now as I haven’t tried in years, but I definitely can recommend the Stitcher app.

So if your an advertiser or you have a product by all means, get on some of the podcasts in your field. Take it from me… They work!

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