Piper Mountain

Follow the red trail markers

Checking off the third highest mountain on the Belknap Range List is Piper Mountain whose peak is located at 2,044 feet.

We parked in the exact same spot at the bottom of the maintenance road which goes most of the way up Belknap Mountain

The trail head is located just a short walk down the maintenance road (which is paved at that point) beyond the gate and on the right.  You’ll see the trail head sign and red tree markings that will lead you to the top.

The day was very overcast with a slight drizzle of rain on our heads.  There was nothing overly remarkable nor where there any great views to be had until we reached the top.

The hike was relatively simple with only a small stop for water.  A great hike for day hikers and those early in their hiking careers.  It was an easy in and an even easier out.

We eventually made it to the top

Overcast and rainy view on Piper today

At the top someone built a stone chair for you to sit in and enjoy the view.

Cat Sitting on the Piper Throne

Of course I had other ideas when it came time to take my photo in the chair.  

Being fanned with a bough sitting in my mountain top throne

Since it was raining a bit and slightly wet, we opted for a quicker escape route down.  From the top, there was a white trail that would link us near the top of the maintenance road that went up Belknap Mountain.  We followed the white trail until it met up with the road and the walked down the dirt road until it brought us back to pavement and back to our car.

Another day of hiking in the books and another mountain checked off our list.

Looking at the list there are a lot of smaller mountains left to climb.  I’m hoping I can tackle multiple tops via loop but I haven’t sat down to plan it out.

Winter is fast approaching as Fall is coming to an end.  The days are cold and the nights colder.  My following weekends are looking to be booked solid.  Future hikes will most likely be put off until next year.  We shall see.

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