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Padron Cigars – The Diplimatico

Ah Padron, what can I say that hasn’t already been said. You are my favorite brand and hands down my favorite cigar. Fuente’s Opus X is good. Don’t get me wrong. They are good… But if I could have a humidor filled with Padron cigars… Ok, let me rephrase that: If I could afford a humidor filled with Padron cigars, I would do so and never look back.

Today’s selection is one of their longest cigars: The Diplomatico. At a length of 7″ and a gauge of 50, this cigar is an all-nighter.

Smooth and even smoke with no hint of profile or flavor change all the way down to the nub. This is a cigar you wish you didn’t have to put down. One you smoke until your fingers burn with the heat of the ash.

Can’t recommend these enough.

Sitting on a cloud, waiting to be smoked. Padron Cigar
Always an even burn

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