Ordering Supplies for Maple Season 2022

Honestly, I’m not really feeling it this year. I need to order some filter cones and paper for finishing the syrup. Just checked my supplies and I’m low on the pre-filter paper, and completely out on the main filter cloth.

My pop-up tent was destroyed last year in a storm, so need a new one of those for ghetto sugar shack 4.0 I believe it will be numbered this year.

I’m good on barrels I believe. Have one for finishing and one for sap, just need to double check if I should order a new one. Have the burner ready and the tap into my house for unlimited propane supply.

Probably need to check on my cap supply for the glass bottles, but I have a large box of the plastic bottles and caps for those, so may just use those.

UPDATE: Ordered the filters and some cleaning supplies.

My heart is still not 100% into it, but as I get closer and the weather warms up, I’m sure my tune will be changing.

UPDATE 2: I even ordered that tent from Walmart. So I guess I know the answer… That didn’t take long.

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