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Officially Made the Switch to GrapheneOS

It happened sooner that I wanted to make it, but breaking my work phone forced it upon me. Something about phones being thrown against a wall make them break… who knew? Yeah, it was a rough week. Tossed my SIM card into an old iPhone and told my friends I have a new number and the GrapheneOS was in full swing.

So far so good. The iPhone simplicity, convenience and app porting will be missed… But short lived. I was able to find apks that matched mostly what I wanted and simplified my life even more by not putting a ton of apps I would never use on it.

The navigation is definitely different so that will take some getting used to, but overall it is quite nice and also quite liberating. I’m using my phone less and less. I now even have those faraday bags I put my phones in when I’m not using them and while driving. I very much recommend you doing that. My phone is put away and not being used. Which is great because I was the worst at texting and driving. I was quite good at multitasking and did it all the time. Now I don’t.

I also have very little reason to pick up and look at my phone. I’m no longer a slave to it, and that feels good.

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