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Night Time Zip Line!

Who knew this was a thing?! 

Most ski mountains have turned into year round resorts, and Gunstock is no exception.  They have a giant zip line course, a smaller adventure zip line and obstacle course, segway tours, mountain top yoga, mountain biking trails, hiking trails, a pond with paddle boards and other items, even a mountain coaster.  Simply put, it’s a fun place to be anytime of year.

The zip line is amazing and I had done it in the past.  That morning while the wife was doing the mountain top yoga, she found out they were holding a moon-lit nighttime zip line run.  Limited to one group of 20 people.

We got the last spots.

It wasn’t just a zip line, it was a complete event.  While it was still light we got to ridge the chair lift to the top.

Made it to the top!

From there we got to take all our gear off and headed over to the mountain top bar for a drink, food, and games.

Enjoying a beer at the lounge deck
Corn hole on top of the mountain overlooking Winnipesaukee

As night time descended, we got our gear back on and headed over to the course. 

As can be seen in the day time photos, it was overcast, so no moonlight was to be had.  It was dark.  Only our head lamps attached to our helmets gave us the short glimpse of what was ahead of us.

Wife and Daughter getting ready to go!

Everyone had a partner that night…  Except for me.  My wife and daughter went down each one while I followed.  Since everyone else in the group had a partner, I went down all by myself each time.  Fun, but also quiet. 

I mean, it was just me. 

The eerie feeling was zipping through the dark, watching for the upcoming lit landing and the warning light below to give you an indication on when to start slowing down.

Side note:  One poor lady that night always slowed down to late and was hitting the platform safety springs at near full speed. 

So as I’m flying down the zip line you would be in the air, with very little to judge on your speed and location…  That was until you came along side some trees, which seemingly popped up out of nowhere!  Very exhilarating!

Highly recommend this to anyone that can do it and afford to do so. 

At the end of the night we had a large fire and roasted marshmallows to make S’mores.

And they’re off!

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