New Hobbyist Maple Syrup Evaporator is here!

Last year was my first year making maple syrup on my own. I went from volunteering at large sap house, to boiling sap on my back deck in a lobster pot.

My sap boiling setup

In short I was starting from scratch and venturing on my own.

My next step up, though still lacking my own sugar house, is getting a divided flat pan that I can use on a double outdoor burner. It’s basically custom made for what I’m doing. 36″ x 16″ – which will fit perfectly on an outdoor double burner.

I even had a custom made sap pre-heater which fits perfectly inside!

This will allow me to boil off 3 to 4 gallons of sap per hour. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but then again, this is for the backyard hobbyist. I mean, how much maple syrup can I actually use in a year?

of course combine this with my home made Reverse Osmosis system, I should increase my production immensely this year.

It’s enough for me and enough for me to make maple butter out of, give away to friends, etc.

Will have some hard numbers on production and performance sometime in March of this year.

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