New Boat – Scarab 215

We recently picked up a new boat. It goes completely against all of my “cheap fun” toys and how we normally spend money.

To me, cheap fun as I call it, means buying an adult toy (car, boat, motorcycle, etc) used and at a good discount. This way I can drive it around for years and turn around and resell it for basically what I bought it for. Since motorized toys don’t usually go to zero, there is a price point where you can own one and lose very little money on it all-the-while enjoying your purchase.

This was not that purchase.

scarab 215 jet boat

This Scarab is a dual 150 hp engine jet boat that will leap out of the water and its deep v-hull will cut through waves as if they were not there.

Seats 10 and has a very generous swim platform and dual swim ladders. I’m completely in love with this boat.

I haven’t sold the old Seadoo yet, it’s the wrong season and time of year. Next spring I’ll be able to sell it for what I bought it, despite owning it for 5 years!

Surprisingly I’m OK with this. Normally this would bug me as a waste of money purchase, but we have gone so many years being so conscience about our purchases that this just feels right despite being logically wrong.

I mean: What’s the point of having money if you’re not willing to enjoy it also?

Within reason of course!

Maybe you can have your chips and eat them too?

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