My New Guilty Pleasure

Those times when you just can’t turn away and folks liken to a train wreck, I have oddly stumbled upon a new guilty pleasure of reading a couple Just Found Out – Adultery forums.

The read like a real life crime novel: First there is the suspicion, then the spying and research, the discovery, which crescendos into the fall out.

Some of them are so odd you just can’t look away nor could you make them up. Nothing is a substitute for real life.

I fell into it by accident upon a mention about a user who went by the name of “shamwow”, he had the icon to go with the name too. It was a huge read and took me a few days to get through. At one point I didn’t want to walk away, but needed to get other things done. Like a book you can’t put down.

For those that want to jump right in:

This was started over 10 years ago now and reads better than a mystery novel. Now I don’t actually read all the advice given to him by others, I’m not that invested nor can I really relate. When you have an amazing marriage it is hard to relate to these folks, so I skip over the advice and just read the original posters goings-on.

Of course there are plenty of newer ones:

Frankly there just seems to be a lot of uncaring people out there. It simply amazes me what some people will do.

I do enjoy reading the updates and reading the happy endings. The ones where it was nothing, the ones where the person finally comes to realize that they don’t belong with the cheater and move onto a happier life.

A key element I was able to pick up on that seemed to be most common was the self-blame. Early in about every thread the original poster will always mention how they might have had problems, or not been the best husband or wife, or maybe not attentive enough. That was in almost all the threads. Along with most of them willing to save the marriage early on, only to come to realize that there was no point.

Oh, and there is definitely more than one place to read up. Here is another newer and very interesting thread:

I’m not a gossip person, I don’t seeing people suffer either, but these are mystery novellas to me (GPS’s, data recovery, Private Investigators, etc) and find myself becoming invested in their process and overall discovery.

Careful clicking on those links. You’re going to be hooked!

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