My New Favorite Show

There is a show on Netflix called “Meat Eater” and I just can’t get enough of it. It’s a hunting show, and before this, I’ve never watched one. First and foremost the places and scenery are just amazing and that truly amounts for 2/3’s of the show. About 5 minutes is the actual taking down of the animal and butchering… Leaving nothing to the imagination, so not for the squeamish! Then the last bit is cooking and how to prepare the game. Fantastic stuff.

Currently the dog and I just sit and watch the show on the couch but the show has me back wanting to go hunting again. I haven’t hunted since I was a teenager and always wanted to use a muzzle loader, so this just might be the push I need for me to purchase one, practice shooting, and get out there.

Of course I have no idea how to gut a deer, but maybe after a few more episodes…

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