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My Last Paycheck

Sometime ago the business was sold. I stayed on a year beyond my stated contract because I loved what I did. I really did not see myself leaving, but I found myself leaving the state more and more and not being able to run a company to be best of my abilities.

I was willing to step down from CEO to a sales position, but that was just not going to work out either. So I announced my replacement, and stayed on until my replacement told me to just take off, he had It.

So I did.

It coincided with my knee surgery, so that made for an easier transition. I physically could not go into the office and would take me 4 to 6 weeks to fully heal. I’m not there yet, but I’m quite happy I did get the surgery and look forward to being quite active again both here and outside.

Things I’ve learned so far:

I was worried I would get bored. Not so. There is so much to do around my houses. I mean, soooo much!

So much more relaxed! I find myself not having a care in the world. I’m sleeping better, my stress is gone, and I find myself even actually getting up earlier.

What I do now:

Besides cleaning the house and doing yard work…

Playing the guitar more. I’ve decided to play and get better. So I’m dedicating an hour a day to playing.

Photography. I love it. Always have. I bought a few new cameras and can’t wait to do more and get better.

and I look forward to more hiking and fitness. I have the time and now lack the excuses!

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