Mount Major

Got a call from my buddy Paul (in the photo) asking if I wanted to go for a hike. Sunday was going to be an amazing day for the weather and that we should climb Mount Major. I quickly agreed, but with hesitation… Warm weather, fall colors, and Mount Major meant it was going to be packed on that mountain.

While Mount Major isn’t the tallest mountain in the Belknap Range, it is definitely the most popular.

Let me show you why:

Mount Major View over Lake Winnipesaukee

That view.

Mount Major is an quick but moderately difficult climb – around 50 minutes to an hour – to get to a bald mountain top that offers almost 360 degree views. Of course the view over the lake, in my opinion, is the best.

We sat there in the sun and light wind for 20 minutes having lunch, resting our legs, and watching all of the other folks snap their instagram photos and poses. Almost comical. I even got to be the camera man for a couple of people who had no shame in asking me just as I made it to the top.

While I didn’t mind in the least, it was quite presumptuous to have someone like myself instead of being welcomed with taking in the view, being asked to perform a job. Lucky they were cute.

Plane overhead

We saw a ton of planes overhead as the airport is only a short distance away and the views must have been spectacular for them.

We ended up taking the longer way down. Tons of people from out of state judging by the license plates on all the cars along the highway.

Paul was right, it was a great day for a hike.

I’ll post my strava information below.

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