More Syrup and More Sap

Made 9 half pints last night – took longer than I would have preferred but that’s due to me being a little too lazy on the RO machine and being satisfied with 1:2 ratio, grabbed another 30 gallons of sap today which I’m processing a bit slower at a 1:3 ratio (concentrate to water).

Especially with it running like crazy still. I emptied the buckets this morning and will need to empty the again tonight by the looks on how fast the sap is running, following by a good run tomorrow. Another snow storm is in the future for us this week which might prolong the season. Honestly, a season longer than I expected.

Ordered some custom labels – nothing too special – just a trial run to put my own spin on it. “Small Batch Maple” with my own grading system:

Early Season Light
Mid-Season Amber
Late Season Dark

Will be interesting to see how they come out, but I’m very happy with the way the syrup came out last night. Still getting the Medium Amber Color…

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