Maple Syrup Season 2022 is Here!

Usually I will tap on Valentines day. The season always starts around then and it is a good weekend to make sure you get your taps into the trees. Looking at the weather forecast, I’m going to tap this coming weekend just to be same. While Sunday starts us off around -5 in the morning, it will warm up and start off what looks to be a perfect week for running sap.

Warm days and freezing nights.

Weather is starting to turn

Depending on the actual day time temperature and how long it gets there, the trees may not run at all, the sun really needs to thaw out the tree first, but just in case I’m going to be ready and tap this weekend, get the sugar shack ready, and all the equipment at the ready also.

Look for this years information to also be posted on the Maple Syrup Production Page

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