Reverse Osmosis for Maple Syrup

Simply put, I love my Reverse Osmosis! I would never be able to produce as much Maple Syrup as I currently do if it wasn’t for it.

I was recently getting 2.5% sap out of the trees this year. With that sugar content, I would need to boil down 34.4 gallons of sap for 1 gallon of finished maple syrup.

After running it through the reverse osmosis: 8%

That would mean I now only need to boil down 10.75 gallons of concentrate. A savings of needing to boil almost 24 gallons of water. Since my pan only does 4 gallons an hour, I just saved 6 hours of boiling time! If you make 10 gallons of finished product a year, that’s 60 hours of time saved!

A simple at home reverse osmosis system is inexpensive compared to the cost and time saved.

I originally had it on a large plywood sheet so I could understand the layout.

Carter’s Reverse Osmosis for Maple Syrup v1.0
My diagram for what is on the board above

This worked fine until after a few freezing days and nights I went into my garage to find out my initial water filter had frozen and blown apart. The membranes and housings were fine, but the water filter housing was no more.

I decided that since I did most of this in my garage due to its ease of use, I would need to protect it better. I decided that I would install everything inside a large cooler.


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