Maple Syrup Production

Maple Sap turned back on!

After many long days of warm weather the trees just stopped producing.  I was getting ready to throw in the towel when the calendar said winter storm.  Now we should be getting 12 to 18 inches of snow tomorrow, but the past two days were perfect for sap.  I didn’t get a ton of it, a little less than half a gallon per bucket, but it’s enough for me to keep the buckets on the trees.  At least until this coming weekend.  Then the taps can be pulled.  Of course I’ll check the weather just to make sure it won’t get dragged out longer.

5 gallons of sap concentrate in my container and cold weather ahead so I don’t need to rush on the boiling.  Hopefully I can collect more after this storm.

Can’t wait to boil down the late season syrup.  It’s always the darkest and most flavorful, which is my personal favorite.

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