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Maple Sap as a Sports Drink?

Using maple sap (aka maple water) as a sports drink isn’t anything new. Here is an article back from 2014 proclaiming this:

Ever since the coconut water craze, which I believe has come and gone, other products were looking to jump on the bandwagon. The Maple Industry was one and it also had the product. Maple sap has natural sugars, and perfectly suited as a recovery drink.

I have the sap, I have the RO to get even sugar content…

Why the Reverse Osmosis? I figure this is the best way to get to a consistent 3% sugar content and also because it will be filtered through the pre-filter giving me a cleaner product that I can jar. I’m sure some particulates will get through but nothing I’m going to be concerned about.

So I grabbed some canning jars and processed the sap. I don’t think you’ll find much about canning maple sap anywhere so I’m making some good guesses and assumptions.

Filling the water bath to just over the lids, we are going to boil for 15 minutes and bring the internal temperature up high enough to sterilize the sap and seal the lids.

If we don’t pasteurize the sap, the bacteria inside will grow and sour the sap. You’ll know if this happens when the sap turns a creamy white. It will also smell quite sour.

Waiting for the lids to seal

Everything sealed. Three gallons worth of 3% sugar maple water. Now… We wait. Not long. I ended up using 12 jars which will get me through the hottest 12 weeks of summer (one a week) as something to sip on after a run outside. Now you can probably just add a dash of maple syrup to actual water and get the same effect I suppose, but this was a fun exercise to do – plus this is 100% water from nature, filters by the trees and my RO.

I’ll update how to seals held up and if I boiled them long enough. I’ll crack the first one open in June.

If you’re reading this, and it is past June, 2021 – Remind me to update this!!

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