Last Snowy Walk for the Season

In New Hampshire, just when you think one season is over, it shows up again just to remind you how unpredictable the weather really is around here.

Woke up last Saturday morning to a good ground covering of heavy fluffy snow. It was still snowing and I checked outside. Surprisingly was warm for what I saw in front of my eyes. Grabbed the dog (she’s 13) and decided to take a walk.

Good fortune came upon us in our little neighborhood by not only being next to some conservation land, but also we have some great outdoor enthusiasts who have created a 2.7 mile trail through these woods. The trial is roughly finalized, but enough for the local town conservation committee to take it over and mark it.

Heading off – The start of the trail

The morning was amazing and we ended up taking it slow. I won’t lie, I even carried her up a few of the steeper hills as we neared the end of our journey. Her old bones and joints along with the slippery ground made it difficult.

Traversing a bridge

Since the human girls were at our place up north for a get-a-way weekend, I decided we were going to go all out. So after our 2.7 mile walk that took a little over an hour (2.6 mph walking speed) I fired up tub.

Yes. We took a bubble bath.

Penny is very unsure about the bubbles – Are we having fun yet?

After the bath, and drying off, we fired up the stove for her to dry off.

Warming up by the fire

And eventually we crashed on the couch

The dog days of winter

Make the best of your days, and enjoy the time we have. We can save up our money and buy just about anything if we really wanted. The only thing we can’t buy is time. Time is that one commodity that gets used up and we never get back.

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