Last day on the Lake!

Enjoying the last warm day

Well the 2020 lake season is officially over. Fall is barreling upon us. It’s time to wax your skis and get those snow shoes ready. Need to make sure my iceboat is ready to run this year.

But before we put away the swim suits, we hit the lake on the last 80+ degree weather day!

We had a good 2020

So despite everything that 2020 brought us, we made the best of it. Got our diets on track, worked out a lot and enjoyed the outdoors. Took out our boat more often then we would ever dream and enjoyed our time at the lake.

Didn’t do as much fishing as I would have liked, but then again, I don’t eat fish so aside from it just being a relaxing hobby it serves to real purpose. Maybe next year. I do enjoy the challenge.

I also didn’t get to use my underwater drone much. Sorry about that. Had a lot of folks hoping I would explore some of the wrecks.

Winnipesaukee Wreck List

My daughter is getting older quick and it was either spent with her or just enjoying some private time with the wife. Work was busier than ever this year, so I did not get to go out diving or exploring via ROV any of the wrecks. Hopefully can make the more of a priority next summer.

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