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Last boil of the 2019 Maple Season

The Maple sap has been down to 1% sugar content for the past week.

This means that a whopping 86 gallons of sap is needed before you can get 1 gallon of maple syrup.

Without a reverse osmosis setup, this type of ratio would be a waste of fuel and money. Last year, due to the low sugar content all year by the end of the season, people were giving away sap because they had run out of wood or got tired of paying for propane.

Thankfully I only saw the 1% for a short week.

Picked up 60 gallons out of my 50 taps on Thursday and boiled it down Friday.

My make-shift sugar shack was gone so I just did it outside on a nice 60 degree day.

While I haven’t done a final tally yet, I am over 6 gallons of syrup of finished product and slightly over last years numbers.

Considering it was a poor year for maple production and I exceeded last year’s numbers I am definitely being more efficient.

Also does not hurt that I put out all the taps on the first day where as last year I progressively added more as the season went on.

It is time to remove the last of the taps, clean all of the equipment and put it away for another year.

I will be updating the log very soon with the final numbers

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