Laconia Bike Week 2018 – The Hill Climb

It’s the time of year again:  Time for Laconia Bike Week!  A group of 5 of us, that turned into just 3 since this was a mid-work week get-a-way, got together so we could go over to Gunstock and see the hill climb.


I pulled out my trusty (ok, far from trusty, but completely rebuilt) T120R – 1968 Triumph Bonneville.  Not the best bike for long tours, but this was the right distance for this bike.  Far enough to stretch her legs, but not so far that I couldn’t get it back simply enough if it all went wrong.



The first thing we did was go down to the Weirs Beach strip just to take a quick tour around the area.

The infamous sign:

While there was plenty of people, it wasn’t the usual jam packed weekend crowd which was actually nice for a change.  Parking spots were easily found on the strip.  Had to purchase the obligatory t-shirt and even found a 1 of a kind handmade knife I purchased.  Just to find another guy a block away selling the same one of a kind knives.  To be fair, I didn’t find the exact same identical twin, but damn close.  Oh well, like the blade and handle so I’m good with it.

After a bite to eat, we headed out.

Over at Gunstock, the hill climb area was packed.  Far more bikes than down town.  I posed a panorama shot on my flickr:



The hill climb consisted of a 70 degree hill that doubles as the landing zone for a ski jump.


They ran both a motocross style event with multiple bikes at once:


And a single bike timed event:


Saw more Triumphs at the hill climb (there were two of the bikes below at the hill climb) than I did in downtown Laconia.

Had a great time, will definitely make a point to come back to this event next year.

Time to ride out.

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