Laconia 2021 Motorcycle Week Wrap Up

Entrance Sign onto the Weirs Strip

The 2021 Laconia bike week was a wonderful sight this year since last year it was more or less not even held. Last year they allowed cars on the strip and no parking. This year the magic was back. Albeit a more subdued event this year with a noticeable shortage of vendors and events, but what was there was well done and a welcomed detour.

We spent 3 days in the area.

Day 1

The first day we traveled by boat to the Weirs and walked around.

Day 2

Day 2 was spent with friends. Luke, George, and myself went riding around “the block” and got parking spots along the strip. We always meet up at the Mt. Washington ticket booth. We noticed that it was packed. People everywhere. No spots to be found to even park your bike. The shops were packed. People were glad to be back out after the lackluster prior year we had had.

Now that being said, the back lot was only half full, and many of the restaurants were not open. Many folks sited the lack of help that could be found and also many of the vendors did not make it through last year.

Some photos from that day

Of course my favorite picture of the day was this one

Would love to know why this had to be posted

We ended the day with a trip to a boathouse on the lake via motorcycles and sat around with some friends with cold beers. A day with friends is never a bad day.

Day 3

The last day of the event, and I believe Father’s Day to boot. I told the wife to be my “bike bitch” and we would ride on over.

Bike bitch

The played the part and hopped on and over we went. Everyone was packing up and the spots were so empty I could take a nice photo of my bike – Of course then the wife had to get in the way. 😉

We ended up shopping and picking up a new leather vest for me and a couple new leather belts for her. Then we called it a day, and called it a weekend.

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